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Buggered By Big Brother Becoming my brother's submissive bitch. Mark ahd a little brown paper bag he took a tube of KY jelly out of and quickly removed his shoes, socks and pants. My Sir turned around to exit the dressing room, opening the door and letting the outside light shine on my obscene body. And show them. He spoke pretty good English for someone living in a place like this.

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I continued to jerk myself off for at least another 3 minutes.

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My dick head popping out of the thong finally. Along with a quick flurry of hard spanks to my thighs, I came all over the floor and buckled resting my entire weight against the bars on the window. I stood up and twirled as he had asked hoping he wouldn't notice the color creeping into my cheeks.

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One particularly cruel guy who had seen his naked photos and didn't like homosexuals would shout "Stinky-Butt" every time Mark entered the cafeteria when he was there.

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