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She wanted Wolverine to kill Northstar, but he killed her instead to free her. He also possesses superhuman stamina, endurance both essential to maintain super-speed for any length of timeand reflexes. In addition to the Alpha Flight comic and associated annuals, Northstar and other members of the team made numerous guest appearances in other titles, particularly Uncanny X-Men and Wolverine. Realizing that he could not know if he had subconsciously used his abilities in the past, he relinquishes his medals and bitterly turns his back on skiing forever. They circled back to attempt a rescue.

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When the series was revisited for the 10 year anniversary, both Northstar and Aurora are later killed by Weapon X Wolverine and Kirika X in the main Marvel Universe.

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His twin sister, Aurorapossesses similar abilities. In fact, his unnatural levels of speed are actually due to his mutation. The sorceress Talisman sent Aurora to Asgard to rescue Northstar. Northstar even experienced a crush on long-time X-Man Icemanthough it was unrequited.

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Iceman After being confronted by his time-displaced younger self, founding X-Men member Bobby Drake finally admitted in Uncanny X-Men what many readers had suspected for years — he is gay.

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