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Two high-income earners who make similar salaries can sometimes get bumped into a higher tax bracket. The Tax Foundation. Check your state's statute of limitations to find out if you still qualify to file an amended return. A gay couple can also file separate tax returns if they choose to, with each spouse reporting his or her own income and deductions on each return. You'll have just one tax return to prepare rather than two.

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You will be allowed to utilize the unlimited marital deduction from federal estate tax for all assets passing from your deceased spouse to you directly as a surviving same-sex spouse.

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Married Filing Jointly Married filing jointly is a filing status for married couples that have wed before the end of the tax year. Is an employer that repays or reimburses an employee on or before Dec. You can file jointly with your same-sex spouse even if one of you does not have any income or deductions for that year.

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As it stands, if a same-sex couple married in a jurisdiction that authorizes them to do so, the IRS recognizes the marriage.

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