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Amniocentesis samples show that prenatal levels of testosterone are in the high normal range in males with CAH, while levels of the weaker androgen androstenedione are several fold higher than in control males. In a non-clinical sample of women, digit ratio correlated with anogenital distance in the expected direction. Men with longer ring fingers are more likely to be promiscuous, according to a joint study carried out by the Oxford University Department of Experimental Psychology and Northumbria University and published earlier this month. Manning and colleagues have shown that 2D: The reigning hypothesis is that testosterone encourages growth in the right side of the brain, while inhibiting growth in the left. Follow NBC News.

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Anthropometry Gender Fingers Ratios Testosterone.

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But the differences between the sexes aren't all that interesting to biologists. Go on. July

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Assertiveness in females [17] Psychoticism in females [81] Aggression in males [23] [82] [83] [84] [85] [86] Aggression in females [87] Hyperactivity and poor social cognitive function in girls [88] Masculinized handwriting in females [89] Perceived 'dominance' and masculinity of man's face [90] [91] In an orchestral context, rank and musical ability in males [92] Right hand low digit ratio predicts academic performance [93] Inverted U-shape relation between digit ratio and mathematical ability participants with both high and low digit ratios earn lower grades in mathematics, while participants with intermediate digit ratios achieve the highest grades [94] Decreased empathy in men, in response to adult testosterone levels [68] [95] Higher propensity to attack without being provoked [96] Increased risk-taking behavior in men [97] [98] Preference for normative behavior [99] Mean 2D:

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