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Where did Speedo-type swimming suits come from? See our Privacy Policy. Perhaps Mama Tut worried that her young son would have a chariot accident in the afterlife and wanted to make sure he had clean undies on just in case. Alexandre Despatie was born in Canada, Montreal, Quebec. The materials are made to duplicate the skins of marine animals like sharks. And — the most important question of all — how much can we stretch the text of this article so as to include as many pictures as possible of hot men in their Speedos?

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Sports Stud: Alexandre Despatie

Not surprisingly, that swimwear reflected the mores of that very repressed era and kept as much skin covered as was humanly possible. To be more precise and nerdythe current age as of right now is days or even more geeky hours. Without proof, he is to be assumed gay. It's free so why not? That's just silly with far too many syllables for the masses.

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You know, no big deal. I know we do! While some of the murals at the ruins of Pompeii show people wearing eerily modern-looking swim suits, the first dedicated swimwear since Roman times dates to Victorian England in the 19 th century. For most of the world, Speedos still remain the swimsuit of choice for most men today. Future Tarzan Johnny Weissmuller at the Olympics.

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