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Elena Strapkova also loves travel — she is the assistant editor of a magazine that reports on food and tourism in her home country of Slovakia. According to Rubel, these organizations look like traditional media companies but are digital natives and utilize search and social networking in a powerful way that is disruptive to the industry. She was part of a six-student team that covered the Arizona Diamondbacks as they conducted spring training at Salt River Fields in Scottsdale, Ariz. At the Tribune, Barker made the case to the foreign editor that she should go overseas despite her lack of international reporting experience. She said the boot camp prepared her to teach multimedia journalism. Born and raised in Miami, Matera was influenced by the strong Cuban presence in the area.

At age 12, Matera began studying opera.

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Tablet users also want interactive content such as videos. She credits her participation in the PR Lab with helping her obtain a full-time job with the Tempe Coalition immediately after graduating in December Convocation student speaker Leigh Anne Zinsmeister is recognized at the ceremony.

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You get thrown into it very, very quickly.