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She lived around the corner from me, and I used to go over there just to listen to her records. So there was an aspect of school and you were really in the forefront-cutting edge of what was going on in the music at the time. Well, there were supposed to be some other saxophone players on the date, and they fell through, so it was just me. No, wait a minute. The same thing applies to music.

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The one thing about that embracing which no one really talks about.

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He was very interested in learning as much as he could about the music. I was being trained to be a soldier, and they wanted to have a Negro band. Be on time, yeah. I went to hear him, and since he knew Bill, he allowed me to sit in. His vocabulary is so immense musically. I just look forward to being in his company. The record is called Big Bags for Riverside.

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Someone wrote you recorded something like over 90 tunes in a few years, which seemed hard to believe. Like, good music, I would think, would sell. I read in one of the liner notes that Tom McIntosh had a lot to do with that. Boy, I cracked up laughing. Because the others I usually hear after that in vocabulary and phrasing and sound and in the way he improvisers. I would imagine you kept in fairly close touch with him over the next few years.

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