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This guy reminds me of a another porn star https: He is like a bald, ass-less version of him but still hot and had some good scenes. I thought he would be good just being in a video. This man is a fuck machine and anyone that comes within a five foot radius is going to get something sucked, fucked or engulfed. And his handsome Italian features would pop a boner in the straightest of straight guys. Lucas Knowles is the newest member of the Randy Blue family.

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You can easily make out the sculpted pecs, washboard abs and muscular arms.

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He's up for anything I throw at him, so you can expect to see a lot more from this stud. And Kevin definitely became the man of the hour. Each tries to outdo the other until Kevin gives David a steaming hot facial. It was a pleasure to see Colby again and with his new beard he looked really hot. Then Kevin give's Leo's ass a good tongue bath before diving his face in and rimming the hell out of it. But Kevin is anything but a passive bottom and rode Colby's cock, talking dirty and pretty much driving the whole scene.

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It's quite a mouthful even for a big guy like Kevin. He's gone from someone whom I thought might just do a few solos to really getting into it. With the holidays in full swing it always seems that everything slows down. There is an excellent mix of guys here. Finally, Kevin gets to lie back as David gives his cock some much needed attention, eventually standing up to get the full effect of David's talented mouth. Continuing with my 'Unreleased Jeremy Walker Collection', there was a video we had shot featuring one of my newest hotties, Kevin Falk. My favorite part comes at the end

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