Legal rights and gay marriage

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That meant same-sex couples could marry in five more states—Indiana, Oklahoma, Utah, Virginia and Wisconsin. Perry to the U. February 9, - Some Alabama probate judges, including in Montgomery County, begin issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples. The Scottish Government conducted a three-month-long consultation which ended on 9 December The Supreme Court summarily reversed the Arkansas Supreme Court, finding that the disparity in treatment violated their decision in Obergefell.

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December 15, - The city council of Washington, DC votes to legalize same-sex marriage,

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Gay Marriage Around the World

January 25, - The Rhode Island House of Representatives passes a bill legalizing same-sex marriage. Adoption Age of consent Conversion therapy bans Hate crimes Housing discrimination Intersex rights Military Transgender Intersex Sexual orientation Employment discrimination by municipality State bans on local anti-discrimination laws Immigration No promo homo laws Public accommodations Religious exemptions Same-sex unions Civil unions Domestic partnerships by municipality Marriage Transgender rights Voting. Voters upheld the law and it went into effect on Jan. The first foreign same-sex marriage was registered on 29 April and the first civil union was performed on 14 June The Perchy Bird Blog.

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Once same-sex marriage was established in a particular state, the reduction in the rate of attempted suicide among children in that state became permanent. Retrieved 5 December National Center for Health Statistics. The researchers took advantage of the gradual manner in which same-sex marriage was established in the United States expanding from one state in to all fifty states in to compare the rate of attempted suicide among children in each state over the time period studied. Opposition to same-sex marriage is based on claims such as the beliefs that homosexuality is unnatural and abnormal, that the recognition of same-sex unions will promote homosexuality in society, and that children are better off when raised by opposite-sex couples. After a motion lodged by Costa Rica, the Inter-American Court of Human Rights issued a landmark advisory ruling in favour of same-sex marriage on 9 Januarywhich is expected to facilitate legalisation in several countries in the Americas. The federal government also recognized marriages performed in Utah from December 20, to January 6,even while the state didn't.

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