Percentage of gays in us

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This did not stop this figure being strongly disputed by conservatives, who were overjoyed when, inthe US National Survey of Men estimated that only 2. Parts of this article those related to documentation need to be updated. A Gallup report published in October by the Williams Institute reported that 3. However, the picture shows a clear peak of lifetime same-sex experience for men aged around 60, and then a dramatic drop in those around 70, a pattern not seen in women. The sexual orientation items are presented only to interviewees over age

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Estimating the size and composition of the lesbian, gay, and bisexual population in Britain PDF Report.

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LGBT demographics of the United States

And it is clear that there is a lot of experimental activity — roughly, for each woman who has had a recent same-sex partner there are two more of the same age who have had some same-sex contact in their lives, but no partner in the past five years. Billy, Koray Tanfer, William R. Yet his legacy lives on. Concepts of Sexual Orientation. Concepts of Sexual Orientation" published findings of But this is not all just girls kissing girls in imitation of Madonna and Britney Spears; around half report genital contact, and around half of these in the past five years, so that overall nearly one in 20 women report a same-sex partner in the past five years.

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This must mean that many same-sex contacts are by people who do not consider themselves gay or bisexual. For women in the age range 16 to 44, the proportion who report having had some same-sex experience has shown a dramatic rise over the past 20 years: First, using Facebook data and Gallup poll results, he correlated the percentage of men who are openly gay with their state of birth and residence. No differences were found among the races. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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