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Toon" Goodman of Animation World Magazine described Ren as scrawny, dyspeptic and violently psychoticwho loses his mind occasionally in a cumulative process resulting in him becoming, in Goodman's words, a "screaming klaxonneon-pink eyes dilating into twin novae inches above his jagged, monolithic teeth. Kricfalusi received inspiration for Ren from a black and white photograph of a chihuahua in a sweater next to a woman's feet. Ren left with Stimpy. Kricfalusi originally voiced Ren in a manner that he describes as "a bad imitation of Peter Lorre. Crock O' Christmas Radio Daze. John K. They are often at odds with each other on the show, though they do share moments of closeness together.

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July 11, You bloated idiot. Who's Who in Animated Cartoons. Cat is a red and white, rotund Manx cat with a blue nose, purple eyelids, no tail, hands with gloves that have fingernails, human-style buttocksflat feet and a brain the size of a peanut.

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He is portrayed as intelligent enough in some episodes to be a chef or a scientist and sometimes as nonsensically stupid.

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