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Sure, during that time both of us masculine guys lived like a married couple sleeping in their bed he lives a couple of hours away. I find that to be revolting and it's not my scene and all of the college guys I have sex with share my thoughts about only doing this with other masculine guys. They are straight to me. Subscribe Issue Archive. We both love our wives, provide for them financially and emotionally, don't go out gambling, or come home drunk. Submitted by yankeedandy on March 17, - 3:

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Sometimes when he'd come home on weekends or for holidays, he'd talk about having sex with some guy and how it was totally awesome.

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King, On the Down Low: When Trent was a senior in college, he met the girl who would become his wife Shameful P. I have male friends, who are just that, friends.

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One afternoon after school, I walked upstairs to our room and opened the door to find him laying back on his bed having anal sex with Drew, one of his baseball buddies.

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