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Based on the protocols they found for treating the male to female transgender woman voice, they proposed the following therapeutic techniques for both voice feminization and masculinization: Language Context-based word choice, sentence structure, and speaking style. Adler, S. Voice feminization refers to the voice change from male to female. A Preliminary Web-Based Survey". Or consider if you have a thin, tight or nasal sound to your voice.

transgender vocal exorcises
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Apr 3,

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When there are no visual or voice cues to determine gender for the reader, it was the communication style word choice, length of phrase, use of questions or words of thanks that identified the gender of the writer. Enquire Into Your Intonation Want to explore your own intonation patterns? The next set of courses, which Perez is still developing, will be about resonance, or the vocal quality that makes a voice sound brighter or darker.

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Body Language is they way you move while you talk.

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