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I found the middle finger best to use dont rush take your time. You'll have to click to find out - deals updated daily! And I started mostly in the shower as well. Some people use a finger or two — but even well-cut fingernails can scratch the lining of the rectum, so this isn't recommended unless you wrap them in a condom or something similar. There is nothing wrong with being gay or bisexual. He Sexual Orientation: Sexuality Have you ever had a dream about an ex?

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Use both your hands If you've ever seen a truly talented person giving a man the handjob of his life -- or been lucky enough to be on the receiving end of that -- you know that one hand just doesn't blow minds the way two can.

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Later, if you want, you can graduate to larger objects. Wish List. Some people like to move the object around once it's inside, but all you need to do is leave it in. Worked extremely well, didn't arouse suspicion and was perfectly safe due to the natural "flaring" and smooth finish.

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When this is coupled with a hand job or blow job, it makes for even greater orgasms.

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