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AL was on a late night infomercial selling something just about 2 weeks ago or maybe a little less. Edited April 8, by Denver Hoosier. If anyone has more experienced or informed opinions on libel laws and how they may or may not apply, i would love to see them here. Andrew Lessman is one such man as he has made people's obsession with health into his business. Other outcomes of the anti-gay agenda Christians promote: Andrew doesn't run around suing people you idiots In addition to the obvious paranoia and sheer absurdity of his statements, there is a mechanical, repetitive quality to his speech as well as his writing that makes my diagnosis alarms go off.

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We will have a chance to vote him out of office at the end of his 4-year term whether he wins or not.

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They sound TOO similar. I feel sad for Mr. She's an idiot. Must be having a fabulous time.

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