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October 8, 9: Bro, I shrunk our dad. Ryan glanced down at his abs. That was precisely what I did and for the first time in so long, I could finally breathe in the welcoming fresh air. Not an exaggeration; he literally said the election of a Catholic president would be the end of US sovereignty. Jake can grow limitlessly large; all he has to do is keep shoving matter into his fuzzy gut.

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He was generally considered a benign presence in American pop culture until he practically led the campaign to oppose the election of John Kennedy because as a Catholic, he would turn the US over to the Pope. Please dude. About six months ago, the smartest of my jock buddies invented a formula to shrink himself down to just a few inches. Find the cooled coiledfist porn videos on the planet at.

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During most days of the year, Gadon Island was only inhabited by a few hundred people.

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