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It's not like I spend my days thinking that way. Talkin' about his generation". BCG When Michael Jackson died, you tweeted that we like our celebrities to die because it makes mortality a much less scary place. It's hard not to feel revulsion for everything while reading this book — certainly the human body, sex, thought, animals, and life itself. If you want to write a letter to the editor, please forward to letters globeandmail.

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What brought you back?

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Douglas Coupland (Profile)

Raymond's surname was based purely on puerile assonance alliteration? Who are similar writers to Douglas Coupland? Coupland, Douglas Profile Douglas Coupland is chewing gum in the classroom of a former North Vancouver elementary school. For a strangely low amount of money, Scotiabank can generate huge, astonishing amount of press. This stuff is neither original nor particularly incisive from a contemporary art point of view. Simpson murder case and the anniversary of Marilyn Monroe 's death.

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The 90s were actually kind of a golden age, because things were good. BCG In Generation X and Generation Astorytelling is right there in the framework of the text, but in your art, storytelling is still really essential. I only dream about dead people. And I should know, as I was born in A block to the west, in the main window of the recently opened Holt Renfrew Men, you'll find Gumhead, a black, two-metre-high sculpture of Coupland's head made of resin, polyester and steel. We all know that. What accounts for his privileged position?