Ed koch and gay rights in 1980s

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In the letter circulated by Speaker Quinn, she quoted him as saying, "I don't want to leave Manhattan, it's my home. Although he was invited to private screenings, Koch preferred to see films with a public audience and was often approached by moviegoers who were surprised to find him there. Koch was an early supporter of the Iraq War. This week his doctors moved him into intensive care. Inhe was a visiting professor at Brandeis University. In a close race, Koch lost the Democratic primary to his successor, David Dinkins.

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He was convinced by their arguments, and spoke out against the plan, shocking some of his liberal allies.

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Ed Koch and the AIDS Crisis: His Greatest Failure

Michael Tager attributes the scandals not to Koch's failures but to the steadily declining power of the Democratic machine and its bosses' desperate efforts to reverse the collapse. Of course, that leads to yet another set of questions to enter my enquiring mind. Retrieved May 4, At several key moments in his career he pretended to be heterosexual, especially during his first campaign for mayor when he appeared publicly with former Miss America Bess Myerson and they feigned romantic interest in each other —— to snickering from those who knew him. Councilman Noach Dear, who represents an Orthodox Jewish section of the city and voted against the measure, called its passage "a catastrophe for our beloved city. It was the first of several designed to go illegally in the subway ad slots, the second being Steven Joseph, Deadlier than the virus.

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You may not have liked him or his politics but come on, be fair. A secret meeting was held at Ethan Geto's apartment, with Koch aide John LeCicero to which only a handful of mostly pro-Democrat gays were invited. The fact that he was gay just makes you think that he must have had some serious issues to have stood back and done nothing. I totally agree with Joan Wile about this assessment of Ed Koch—but the real question is, at what stage did New York politics devolve to the point that you cannot gain the kind of power the Mayor has without the real estate industry? Koch was a lifelong Democrat who described himself as a "liberal with sanity".

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