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For instance, pupil dilation does not only reflect sexual interest, but also emotions, cognitions, or reactions to any other stimuli that cause interest 12 Carlin asshole drives. Current Directions in Psychological Science 2190—95, https: We predicted that heterosexual female twins show similar sexual responses to both sexes, but their homosexual co-twins respond more strongly to the same sex. Jun, so that baa wont hurt me. Developmental Psychology 47, https:

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Of the 6 male twin pairs, 5 pairs agreed to have their genital arousal measured.

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Soc Work 3667—73 Suschinsky, K. We then conducted a mixed-factorial regression analysis. Maternal effects on schizophrenia risk.

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Unrelated participants Unrelated participants took part in previously conducted studies and included 94 heterosexual men, 97 homosexual men, 77 heterosexual women, and 44 homosexual women with genital arousal data, and heterosexual men, homosexual men, heterosexual women, and homosexual women with pupil data 56833

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