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You are here: The Lambda Chi Alpha house. These men I slept with had an entire Greek alphabet to choose from, yet they were disproportionately alpha males. After he was elected president of Lambda Chi Alpha in Decembersome members in his pledge class — as well as others from the pledge class that followed — were uneasy about a gay man at the helm of their fraternity solely because of his sexuality. No organization or anyone else is going to deliver it to you on a platter. You can search out a network of fellow Greeks as an alumnus because you share a common experience that they can relate to and they instantly know you are like them in many ways. Many were the nights, heaving, wiping the dripping vomit from my face on my Abercrombie T-shirt, I picked myself up off the cold linoleum, stumbled into walls and down creaky stairs, grasping the rickety handrail in a vain and dangerous attempt at balance, before passing out on the sofa in the living room.

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Cover by Michelle Phillips.

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Seven years after this article was published, Greene ascended to the leadership of an IFC fraternity as an outwardly gay member, reflective of a societal shift toward acceptance of homosexuality. Skip to main content. These guys probably share the same interests and challenges that you do, and the bonds you have with these brothers may be stronger than the bonds you will make in other fraternities. Gamma Rho Lambda.

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They were young, they were pretty, and they were often as eager as me to prove themselves worthy of the attention of these Adonises.

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