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To ensure an appropriate number of trainers, please preregister by March 31 at bit. Lance Werner, Library Journal Librarian of the Year, discusses how to develop and propose programs that will gain bipartisan support at the local and state level. Authors will share information on their new titles that will spark conversation among your members. Kahn of Ithaca, N. Savett of Merion, Pa. Delaney Education Enterprises, Inc. Are you a Potterhead?

Trends in Intellectual Freedom Challenges

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In addition to the book, Lennon and Garant have written numerous feature films together, including Night at the Museum, Night at the Museum: Learn about documenting your important papers, including online information, medical directives, power of attorney, and much more. Reimagined spaces for students and patrons are crucial to raising the visibility of the library. Nicholas Glass.

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Just as great literature often inspires a songwriter to write a great song, a beautiful song can also inspire a writer to pen a great story or a great poem.