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The wimp cried out as I squeezed more tightly on his gut. To beating his sorry little ass. Blondie held his ground. Tell you buddy, nothing beats the smell of a hot man-to-man fight. Blondie would have had a great eyeful of my hairy ass crack. Anyone have any good stories to share?

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A second cry filled the room as a follow-up punch smashed into his unprotected balls.

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Yeah, I mighta known. Blondie managed a thin smile through the spray, which had already doused his regulation crew cut and boy-next-door face. The kid let out a blood-curdling cry, his whole body erupting in volcanic fury to escape. Then, suddenly, it rippled with power as he heaved himself over onto his side. I could feel the blood pumping piping-hot through his distended veins. We locked up and together dropped to the tiles in a tangle of brawling teenage muscle. Could have packed on a few more pounds of muscle maybe, but what he had was in proportion.

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Blondie wrapped a thick arm around my throat and forced my head back until it smacked against his hairy chest. Blondie would have had a great eyeful of my hairy ass crack. His naked chest smacked down onto me as I frantically arched up to avoid an early pin. Being alone suited me just fine. Pretending to fumble in my locker some more, I took another glimpse at my own reflection…at my own butt…firm, hard, awesome! Damn near twilight time.

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