Gay teenager advice

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Don't be afraid to be yourself. It may be quick and easy for some, or longer and more difficult for others. Celebrate diversity in all forms. Health Issues. I wish I knew that, even if you spend two years going to high school youth groups every night trying to pray away the gay, you will still be you. They are busy exploring their own confusion and comparing themselves to other teens to figure out what their new "normal" is.

Leave space for it to sink in without having to react immediately.

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Ask them how they are doing, tell them that you are working on certain parts of this process, and — as we will touch on in the next point — talk with them, in a compassionate manner, about the things that are on your mind. Thank you for your advice. Profile-Icon Created with Sketch. College is when people open up.

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Asexuality is real and it is also a spectrum.