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No hot young guy takes a hookup home and is thrilled to see dayglo nylon asscrack straps when he undresses. They've been around for ages. Well, this is different These are all cheesy models and "body builders" posing. I'll pose for you For some reason, r79's pic made me bust out laughing. Male thongs, male g-strings - rarely wear anything else - far more comfortable than briefs or boxers.

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OP, the results of your poll say it all.

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If it weren't a significant market out there then these companies wouldn't make them. The eating, fingering and righteous pounding that man gave my ass that day was one of the reasons we're still together and why I'm an eager thong slut to this day. I like feeling tied. Over 4, riders met at meeting points spread out all over the city and converged on Union Square. Every post in this thread is the same weird troll.

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No one under 50 likes thongs. Did you know; The most popular kind of underwear worn by men is briefs. My first Atlantis cruise! My husband bought me my first thong when we started getting serious. How I met my husband. How was your day?

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