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Those two links have many more links. The bottom line is that your jizz is perfectly safe, so no worries unless you spunk up your parents' furniture or Monica Lewinsky's blue dress. Wow, what a surprise! Even JackinWorld supposedly the best resource on masturbation on the Internet confirms that semen has large amounts of nutrients. However, you do have to tuck it away long enough to meet a potential mate to make the baby with, right?

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It is not a substitute for professional care.

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Either way, your friends are shooting you a load of misinformation about shooting a load. I love what you do because you put our minds at ease. You should find the information there reassuring. I'm assuming you heard these absurd stories either in Bible school, at a Bush-Cheney-sanctioned "abstinence-only" sex education class, on Fox News or from your mom during your home schooling. You've been shooting loads into the same bed covers for two months??? But go wash your hands first, OK? Your friends told you what???

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Palm and his five strapping sons comes to call, then you're not really having physical erectile-dysfunction problems. Dude, no, your spunky-funky sheets will not contaminate you, but I do think it's time they were pried off your bed and sent through the Maytag, OK? Frascino Hi, Is masturbation bad??? Frascino Hello, You've been "master bathing"??? It will not turn you gay. I suggest you spend some time reviewing the wealth of information on this site related to how HIV is, and is not, transmitted. I never had sex with anyone.

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