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But the way to do that at this stage is to show them the love of Christ. Some people feel very uncomfortable with the idea, for example, of their adult children having a sexual partner to stay overnight in the same room. And while, today, I do feel all of those things for both of my gay sons, I still feel deep shame about how I acted toward them when they first came out. My first thought was, Not you too. We held the truth about Luke close to our hearts like it was a secret too dangerous to reveal to anyone else. It is true that for some people, same sex feelings are purely a feature of adolescence.

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If God was the Almighty, He could do that right?

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How should I respond if my child comes out to me?

In those dreams, I had a tow-headed, blue-eyed, loving grandson just like Luke. You might feel guilty or upset, but your child is not the person to process that with. If you do not experience same-sex attraction, you probably experience opposite-sex attraction to people to whom you are not married instead! If your child is an adult If your child is an adult and not living at home, then it is important to recognise that they are already making their own decisions and living their own life. A week before Luke left for college to live on campus, I found him packing his winter clothing. We all have dreams for our children.

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If God was the Almighty, He could do that right? Rest assured that by doing so you are not doing something different to teaching them about Jesus! But that can be done through an adult to adult conversation in which each person is able to share their opinions and accept that the other person may not agree. Living Out on Vimeo. Following on from the previous point, there is some unhelpful thinking around which lays the blame for homosexuality at the door of the child's parents. Here's What Saved Me. You know those memories where every detail about the moment is etched into your brain?

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