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Smooth Sailing Celebrations. Sitting on over twenty acres of property that is filled with bountiful floral gardens, waterscapes and classic stone terraces. If New Jersey were to give same-sex couples the right to marry, that is marriage itself and not civil unions, the state would experience a surge in spending on weddings by same-sex couples who currently live in New Jersey, as well as an increase in wedding and tourist spending by same-sex couples from other states. Retrieved December 29, October 18, What were we waiting for?

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There are 45 yachts in our fleet and guests enjoy dining, dancing, sightseeing, and celebrating while sailing on the Hudson Harbor.

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Call to learn more about our NJ Weddings Venue promotions. Woolverton Weddings are very special and absolutely inclusive. Retrieved from " https:

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The law provides [6] for the creation of a Civil Unions Review Commission that will evaluate the law's effectiveness and any problems resulting therefrom, and will report every six months for three years following enactment to assess the impact of the law.

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