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He and his lawyer sat for several extensive interviews with New Times. In the photographs, the sheriff revealed himself shirtless, in his underwear, and naked from the waist down. Babeu has since confirmed that he's running, and polls of voters in the extremely conservative congressional district have shown him with a strong lead over Republican opponents Paul Gosar and Ron Gould — the latter of whom is campaigning on a strong family-values ticket. Orozco says he and Babeu first met in Octoberafter he got a message on his account from the then-Chandler police officer. In fact, he believes more guns would have helped.

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Alderden, who has worked in law enforcement for 37 years, wasn't well known outside his home county until Oct.

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Calum McSwiggan, Gay YouTube Star, Faked Gay Bashing Story, According to Sheriff

She says she spoke directly to the sheriff's lawyer, DeRose, about the Babeu camp's threats that Orozco could be deported if he "revealed the relationship. Mayer surprised Keys with the same award he split with her in — after he felt she deserved the trophy, too. He called the experience "the worst night of my life. Since then, he's received e-mails that praise him as a hero or denounce him as a bumbler. In the photographs, the sheriff revealed himself shirtless, in his underwear, and naked from the waist down.

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Love him or hate him, Sheriff Alderden has a lot to say and he isn't shy about shooting from the hip on his blog talking about anything from god to guns to gay rights. I'm not commenting until tomorrow when we know more and can legally speak. In a blog entry last Wednesday, the sheriff said he didn't like the media attention the balloon case generated but he was proud of his department's response. You advised me that Mr. Shockley told The Associated Press that he fired Alderden in because they disagreed on management style. On Tuesday evening, Khalaf responded to reports doubting the veracity of McSwiggan's story, saying "he didn't fake it" and that he saw McSwiggan "crying after the attack. All-access pass to the top stories, events and offers around town.

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