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You know, like he was ready to lose his mind. Compromise is ultimately a word for the little violences we inflict upon ourselves and call survival; the little incursions we accept for fear of conflict or bigger violences. I cook international food, ride fixed gear bikes, golf and play Japanese music. Violent Femmes. Two of the other artists were Joan Armatrading and Odetta. I also really like the various bass instruments that Brian plays.

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We used to have a roadie who's motto was, "You're not on tour until you are eating crap!

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There was, however, in the darker times of seeing my mother under great duress, a sense of the two of us against the world. Or they go get a soda. These values are reified in sexual and social hierarchies that dictate access to spaces, resources, kinship, and ultimately safety.

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He didn't but I bullshitted him and said yes.

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